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June 8-10, 2016 in Kansas City


The Power to Convert 71% More Business from Your Website

Web leads are different.

Different from what? Just about every other type of lead you have become so good at closing. Like referrals from allied professionals, workshops or personal networking.

This is why some attorneys get frustrated with digital marketing. Despite great SEO, tons of traffic, and even tracked phone calls and web form submissions, some attorneys still say they don’t see the dollars-and-cents benefit of their website, blog and social media marketing.

On the other hand, savvy attorneys are rocking and rolling with digital marketing. Like Frank Campbell of Annapolis, MD who recently sent us this unsolicited email:


We have 10 new clients coming in through the web form in the last two weeks. That doesn’t count the typical flow of those that just call us. Very grateful.

Photo: Frank Campbell

Frank Campbell

Photo: Kyle Krull

Kyle Krull

Or Kyle Krull, who used our systems to transform his practice and now tracks three out of every four new clients directly to digital marketing.

What are lawyers like Frank Campbell and Kyle Krull doing that you’re not? Besides closing new business faster, with less effort and at higher fees?

The biggest difference is the way they handle web leads. They’re doing it differently than you are, and they are reaping the benefit both financially and with quality of life. Independent research shows those firms that generate more than half of their new leads online grow faster and are more profitable than firms that don’t.

We’re going to show you their secrets … and a few more we’ve learned from working with literally hundreds of law firms just like yours across the country. This isn’t hypothetical. This is real-life, boots-on-the-ground marketing that works.

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Due to the intense nature of this Boot Camp, we can accept no more than ten (10) law firm registrations, ensuring you will get the kind of personal attention that will truly transform your law firm marketing.



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Wednesday, June 8

Photo: IMS Campus Learning Center

10:30 AM | Meet & Greet

Tour the IMS Campus

11:00 AM | Legal Marketing & The Sherlock Paradigm

From Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's pipe-smoking detective of Victorian England to Benedict Cumberbatch's contemporary sleuth, Sherlock Holmes continues to delight audiences around the globe. As legal marketers today, what can we learn from this timelessly captivating brand?

12:30 PM | Lunch in the IMS Learning Center

1:30 PM | Interactive Exercise: Marketing SWOT Analysis

Not an audit, but an Analysis. Gain key insight into your own firm marketing through this unique interactive session. We’ll help you discover the strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing, identify key opportunities (especially the ones you’re missing now) and face up to the threats that could undermine your firm’s profits and growth potential.

3:00 PM | 30-Minute Break

Take this time to return phone calls, emails or grab some sunshine in the courtyard.

3:30 PM | Search Engine Optimization – Is it Dead Yet?

Mark Twain once said, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” The same is now true of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. While certainly not dead, SEO definitely has changed. First, you want to start thinking in terms of local search, or location-based marketing. It’s all about taking advantage of the search engines’ ability to deliver relevant, local results to motivated prospects when they are ready to move. And yes, it’s more than just adding some key words to your website. Local search is a high-stakes game with very strict rules. Knowing how those rules interact with consumer behavior is the key to winning new business online.

Logo - Miami County Trolley

4:30 PM | Pack Your Picnic

We wrap up the day at 4:30, with a pack-your-own picnic deli. We will provide all the deli meats and fixin’s so you can pack your own picnic dinner before catching the Party Bus for Somerset Ridge Vineyard and Winery.

5:15 PM |Somerset Ridge Wine Tour

Before prohibition, Kansas combined with Missouri to form one of the largest grape growing and wine making regions in America. The fertile soils of Kansas are the perfect home for certain varieties of grapes. Today the Kansas landscape is dotted with a growing number of local wineries, some of which are winning national and international awards with Kansas-grown grapes. Weather permitting, we’ll enjoy our picnic dinner at the winery where you will have the option for wine tasting or simply meandering through the vineyard at sunset. Wear comfortable shoes!

Thursday, June 9

Join us for Coffee and Pastries

9:00 AM | Coffee & Pastries

Join us for a light breakfast at the IMS Campus and get the day started!

9:30 AM | Your Website and Your Sales Funnel

Your website is not just an online brochure. Every day, it’s working to attract pre-qualified, motivated prospects; prospects who are ready to make a decision. But attraction is only the first step, or the Top of the Funnel. What you do next determines whether website visitors stick with you to become clients … or click away to someone else.

9:45 AM | 15-Minute Break

Take this time to grab a cup of coffee, return some quick emails or check in the office.

10:00 AM | This Should Be Keeping You Awake at Night!

Your Web Forms are:

Imagine an elderly couple needing help to pay for long-term nursing care. They find your website, watch your video and start feeling hopeful – perhaps for the first time since their whole dreadful nightmare began. They submit a contact form on your website, the digital equivalent of a Mayday call. The next few moments are critical. How and when you respond to this distress call determines whether you get new business, how professional you appear to the public, and whether these good people get timely access to legal help.

An Introduction to CRM Marketing

11:00 AM | An Introduction to CRM Marketing

Do you even need CRM Marketing? The short answer is yes, if you plan to grow your law firm. Here’s why: you’ve heard of “scaling up,” right? You picked up on that the first time you bought a system to automate your document drafting. Well, the same applies to your marketing: scaling up is the key to profitable growth. We’ll show you how CRM Marketing helps you get there.

12:00 PM | Lunch Break

We’ve got a private room reserved across the street at the Sunflower Café for lunch. It’s a chance to get out, stretch your legs for a short walk and breathe in some Kansas fresh air. Oh, and eat lunch, too!

1:30 PM | Interactive Session: The Website Caller

Web leads are different. They are not like the prepared referrals you get from allied professionals or workshops. But don’t think they are not “as good.” Sure, they may not be as prepared, but they are motivated. No one goes web surfing for a death lawyer just for fun. No, these are probably the most motivated prospects you’ll encounter. But how you handle them determines whether your website drives new business or is just another pretty face on the internet. During this session, you’ll gain keen insight into how your web-based prospects think and react; then we’ll role-play key scenarios and develop scripts to use back in the office.

2:30 PM | 30-Minute Break

Take this time to return phone calls, emails or grab some sunshine in the courtyard.

3:00 PM | Client Intake: Your Ultimate Marketing Weapon

It all started with a common frustration: How can we be better-prepared for the initial consultation? But what we discovered was so much more! An automated client intake process not only saves time and boosts closing ratios … but when we integrate your website, CRM and client intake properly, conversion rates go through the roof. We’ll show you why, and how.

Photo: President's Dinner

4:30 PM | Adjourn for the Day

You’re welcome to hang out in our offices, use our internet or grab a desk to return phone calls, emails, etc. Or, zip back to your hotel for a quick rest. Just don’t forget to come back for the President’s Dinner at 6:30!

6:30 PM | President’s Dinner in the Learning Center

You can’t come to Kansas City without enjoying some authentic KC BBQ! We transform the Learning Center into a private restaurant and bring in the best BBQ west of the Mississippi. Oh, and Kyle says a few words, too. (Not too many, it’s really all about the BBQ!)

Friday, June 10

Join us for Coffee

9:00 AM | Coffee & Pastries

Join us for a light breakfast at the IMS Campus and get the day started!

9:30 AM | Your Marketing Strategy & The New Customer Journey

Thursday we learned that web leads are different. Internet-savvy prospects now have more ways to interact with you and your firm than ever before – but this doesn’t always work in your favor. People expect a seamless experience across all media, and most attorneys find orchestrating that symphony is a challenge. We’ll show you how to map the customer journey and create client personas to help better understand your prospects (especially web prospects). See how these insights impact your marketing strategy and sharpen your client-centric focus.

10:30 AM | 15-Minute Break

Take this time to grab a cup of coffee, return some quick emails or check in the office.

Photo: Video Marketing

10:45 AM | Video Marketing Strategy Session

Great lawyer video can give you a marketing edge and help you close more business. It can help you attract and motivate your ideal clients to take action and move forward with you. But all video is not created equal. Truly great marketing video doesn't just happen, it starts with great video marketing strategy. During this interactive session, we’ll take you through our strategy planning process to help you build your own video strategy.

12:00 PM | Lunch at Sunflower Café

One more chance to breathe in our fresh country air while stretching your legs on a short walk across the street to the Sunflower Café for lunch.

1:30 PM | Lead Generation Campaigns: How to Use eBooks, videos, webinars and more

Do You Have An eBook, White Paper Or A Free Report On Your Website? We have had many attorneys bring us amazing resources like eBooks and white papers that they have asked us to incorporate into their website. We often find that they don't really understand how these kinds of great resources work to generate leads and new business. In this session, you’ll learn how great content attracts prospects, and how to connect all the dots so they become new clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who from my firm should attend this Boot Camp; attorneys or staff?

This is owner-level training so every law firm registration requires at least one owner-level attorney as the primary registrant. You may also want to bring along administrative or marketing staff, especially if they will be hands-on involved in implementing your strategies. Every registered law firm is allowed to bring up to three additional staff members at a reduced cost of just $195 each.

How do I get from the airport to the IMS Campus?

You will be flying in to Kansas City International Airport (MCI). With good traffic, the airport is less than an hour from the IMS Campus. Car rentals are available at the airport. If you choose not to rent a car, there are a number of shuttle services available. Find a listing online here. (For our own travel needs, we use the Super Shuttle: 800-358-3826.)

Where do I park at the IMS Campus?

Free all-day parking is available one-half block from our Campus at the Olathe Parking Garage on Chestnut Street.

I don’t want to fly in on Tuesday, can I get a flight in on Wednesday morning and still make the opening session?

Unless you’re flying in from Wichita, KS, it’s not likely. We recommend you get in sometime on Tuesday, find your hotel, relax, have a nice dinner and get some rest. Be ready to hit the ground running by 10:30 Wednesday morning. We have found that late arrivals are too exhausted and distracted to get the full benefit from the boot camp – and their late arrivals interrupt the flow for everyone else. So please, we do request that you show up on time.

The best priced flight on Friday leaves at 1 pm, but I really wanted to see that session on Lead Generation. Can you rearrange things so I don’t miss out?

We suggest you pony up a few extra dollars and schedule a later flight. The revenue you could generate from successful Lead Generation campaigns far exceeds the cost of a later flight, or even an extra night in a hotel if you need to leave on Saturday morning. We don’t recommend cutting out early. (And no, we won’t rearrange the schedule for you.)

If I have to cancel my registration after May 1st, can I get a full or partial refund?

If you must cancel before May 1st, you can get a 50 percent refund credited to your account. We cannot issue refunds after May 1st. No, we’re not just being mean. We keep the Boot Camp events very small so everyone gets personal attention. Which is to say, we’re planning for YOU and your firm. By May 1st, we have already started working on making YOUR Boot Camp experience a success. Of course, there may be exceptional circumstances, so do contact us and let us know why you have to cancel. (“My daughter’s got softball practice that Wednesday,” is not exceptional. “My daughter is being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor and the President is flying in that day to present it to her,” yeah – that’s exceptional.)

Event Details

June 8-10, 2016

Wednesday through Friday


This 3-day workshop will be held on the IMS campus in our state-of-the-art Learning Center.

100 E Park St., Suite 7, Olathe, KS 66061


Regular registration is $795 for the first person from your firm and $195 for each additional person from the same firm (limit 3 guests).

Early registration discount of $150 (off the first registration) applies through May 1st.

Please note that, due to the hands-on nature of this boot camp, registrations are non-refundable after May 1st.

Registration includes lunch on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Breakfast on Thursday and Friday, Wednesday evening reception and Thursday evening President’s dinner.

Reserve Your Seat Now. Registrations limited to no more than 10 firms.


There are numerous hotels within a short drive of the IMS campus. Be sure to make your lodging reservations early. Everyone’s needs are different, but here are a few of our top picks: